Photo Academy is a comprehensive guide and tool set for photographers of all skill levels. Browse through thousands of tips and sample photos, record your work in your diary, and expand your knowledge on the art of photography.

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The "How To Shoot..." section is where you'll spend most of your time in Photo Academy. It contains detailed information on how to take the best photos of a vast range of subject material.

There are currently five major categories included in the app:

  • Animals
  • People
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Macro

Each major category is then broken down into around 15 topics. Here you can see some of the topics for the Animals category.

Once you've chosen your topic, you have a range of options. Trying to take photos of a lizard in low light? Then head to Animals, then Amphibians & Reptiles, then Lighting. Not sure what equipment to bring with you? Guess where to look!

You can also store your favorite tips for easy access, and view a number of photos for inspiration.

Once you've decided exactly what help you're after, you'll be presented with a number of original tips, hand-written for each specific topic.

Each tip includes the exact settings you'd use on your camera for that specific tip, including aperture size and shutter speed, lens selection, ISO setting, filter choices, tripod options, flash options, and exposure alterations.

You'll also find a photo to illustrate almost every single tip.

The best part? There's well over a thousand tips just like this one.

You can view each of the tip's camera settings in more detail, if you need to.

Full-screen versions of every single photo are available for viewing. That's well over a thousand carefully selected photos.

Note: an internet connection is required to view the photos, but you do have the option to download all the photos at once for quick access on your device.

Once you've taken some great photos, head over to the Shoot Diary to record your efforts. Track the weather, location, date & time, as well as some free-form notes. You can even mark the exact location on a map, and of course, include a photo.

Once you're happy with your entry, share it with the world in just a few taps.

Photo 101 is the starting point for anyone who is new to photography. It also serves as a great reference point for someone who would like to brush up on their skills.

It includes a large number of topics that scale in difficulty, from the basics such as holding your camera, up to more advanced topics like low light photography, or photo editing.

Each of the 30 articles in Photo 101 is a clear and detailed discussion, and feels like a private lesson from an experienced friend.

Photo Academy is available right now on the App Store for just US$3.99.